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Welcome to ABODE Treatment, Inc.
Since 1994, ABODE Treatment, Inc. has been providing:
      • Residential, Intensive Residential and Outpatient substance abuse treatment
      • Cognitive Therapy
      • 12-Step Primary Disease Model
      • Relapse Prevention
      • Individual and Group Therapy
      • Modern Accommodations
There is a very high percentage of substance abusers who have been diagnosed
with behavioral and addictive problems that can be alleviated by proper treatment.
Many of these problems occur because of a lack of the “basics” needed to function
within society. Thus the acronym:
A Adult
B Basic
O Opportunity
D Development
E Environment

Services Available

Drug Rehab
Drug Addiction
Drug Intervention
Substance Abuse
Addiction Assessment
Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Family Counseling
Criminal Justice
Outpatient / Aftercare
Dual Diagnosis
Behavioral Health Care