Client Passes

Resident shall only be allowed to leave the facility when going to or from:

  1. approved job interviews
  2. approved job search
  3. approved employment
  4. visiting family members
  5. attending church or religious services
  6. attending recreational functions
  7. conducting business with social service agencies regarding family matters, legal matters, e.g., court appearances, and any other circumstances that may necessitate the offender being away from the Facility
  8. approved educational classes
  9. attending support groups

Sponsors – Prior to the approval of a pass (48-hour recreational pass/job search pass) the resident shall:

  1. Meet all program requirements/compliance
  2. Submit a pass request form, which identifies the person, address and contact information pertinent to the location of pass request, etc…
  3. Assigned counselor or designee must approve the pass request

Types of Passes

  1. Job Search Pass:  Resident shall return to the facility within 8 hours or subsequent to completion of interview.
  2. Work Pass:  Resident shall return to the facility within one (1) hour of completion of approved hours worked.
  3. Recreational Pass:  Resident may receive a 2-hour to 48-hour pass to visit with family members, attend worship services, AA/NA meetings, etc.
  4. Special Pass: Resident may receive a limited time/specific time pass (i.e.: doctor visits, funerals, outside support systems, etc.)

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