Resident Dress Code

One aspect for recovery involves the development of a healthy and autonomous identity. Ultimately, the person in recovery develops a mode of dress which reflects his emotionality, values, and social relationship they wish to have with others. Residents who have difficulty in their relationships often reflect this in their mode of dress.  Whether we like it or not, we are judged by others by the appearance we make. An important part of recovery is learning to conform to the expectations of society while maintaining your individuality.

The dress code of the ABODE community is designed to establish healthy and realistic guidelines for our residents which allow for self-expression and self-care.

I.   Foot Wear

  • On and off the unit, footwear must be worn at all times.
  • Spikes/cleats, etc., are not permitted.

II.   Undergarments – Appropriate undergarments must be worn at all times.

III.  Shirts and Pants

  • Appropriate shirt wear must be worn at all times. Shirt wear which is sexually suggestive is not appropriate for wear on the unit or other areas of the community.
  • No shirts are permitted which promote drug or alcohol use, are suggestive of violence, make any ethnic slurs, or in some way degrading to self or others.
  • Clothing must be free of holes in seat, crotch, knees, etc.

IV.  Jewelry – Residents who wish to wear jewelry may do so, but are responsible for any items in their possession.

V.   Resident’s Responsibility

  • Residents are responsible for keeping their clothing clean and neatly stored in their bedrooms.
  • Residents are responsible for laundering their own clothes and linens.
  • Residents are responsible for immediately reporting any missing items to staff.
  • Residents are strongly discourage from bringing in expensive clothing and /or jewelry.
  • Hats, coats, and sunglasses shall be worn outdoors only.
  • Residents are not permitted to borrow, trade, sell, or exchange clothing.
  • Residents are strongly encouraged to label all personal clothing.

VI.  A Final Word

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Would I believe anything said by someone that looks like that? Would I automatically respect someone who dresses and looks like that”?

Whether we like it or not, people judge us by our appearance. The first impression we make on someone is a lasting impression.

Many books have been written about the first three or four seconds when someone meets us. The impression we make in that period of time will be the way a person will continue to think of us.

Obviously, in the first three or four seconds, we are not going to be able to impress someone with our wit,  talent, knowledge or skills. The only way we can control that first few seconds is with our visual impact on people. This includes the way we dress, our body language and our manners. A part of learning to be a productive individual is to be open to making changes in our habits and appearance.

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