Suggestions for Successful Treatment

Experience has repeatedly demonstrated that there are a number of factors which promote a positive experience in treatment. If you are able to embrace these ideas, you will find yourself able to complete treatment rapidly, and will feel good about the changes you have accomplished.

  2. Accept that you must be personally responsible for your own behavior and that you need to give up behavior which does not work well for you.
  3. Commit yourself to changing your unhealthy behaviors by learning from your mistakes, and exploring why you made these mistakes.
  4. Commit to being open about your thoughts and feelings and do not keep secrets.
  5. Commit yourself to talking directly to staff and peers about your thoughts and feelings rather than acting out and maintaining.
  6. Commit yourself to being honest in all of your relationships and to avoid lies and distortions. This also means being honest with yourself.
  7. Be willing to follow community rules and limits even if you do not agree with them.
  8. Accept the value of relationships with others so that learning to develop and maintain close, trusting relationships will be an important life goal.
  9. Accept the value of work, which means going to work, setting goals for yourself, and striving toward honest financial and personal independence.
  10. Accept that you can learn from your own experiences and the experience of others if you are willing to take advantage of these experiences as “opportunities of growth.”
  11. Accept that the treatment team is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain recovery from chemical dependency and all that the ramifications that come from that condition.
  12. Accept that the members of the treatment team are not God, and can make human errors. Meanwhile, accept that most of the time they are not wrong; and probably know what they are talking about.
  13. Keep in mind HOW to obtain and maintain recovery is:

Honesty Open-mindedness Willingness

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