Telephone Rules

  • Residents may make phone calls only during the time that no therapeutic functions are scheduled.
  • Resident pay telephones must be utilized for all personal calls.
  • The telephone designated as the “business phone” is to be used for work search related activities.
  • Counselor telephones are not to be used except in a dire emergency; then only with the client’s designated counselor’s approval.
  • Resident’s telephone calls may be limited if resident exhibits inappropriate behavior while on the phone. (i.e. profane language, prank calls, monopolizing telephones, etc.)
  • Residents are expected to show proper courtesy to each other while using the phone.
  • Residents displaying inability to adhere to basic guidelines will be addressed individually, by the community and/or the treatment team.
  • Residents/clients must not bring pagers and/or cellular phones into the facility.


  • Incoming and outgoing calls are to take place during free time, and not during scheduled activities. Please follow the schedule accordingly.
  • No use of telephone after 11:00 p.m.

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