The client will inform their counselor during the admission process the name and relationship for all individuals they desire to have involved in the treatment process (up to 5 people);

The client will submit a written release for information to the counselor which will allow the counselor to contact the listed individuals when family/significant other activities are scheduled;

Authorized individuals may visit a client on Saturday and Sunday.   However, visitors must attend the Multi-family Counseling Session on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. before visitation.

Visitation Hours:
Saturday:  2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sunday:   1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

All visitors will check in at the front desk to be identified and will state the purpose of their visit.  Visitors will submit proof of identification (picture ID) and sign the Visitor Log, completing all blanks (social security card and/or credit cards are not acceptable);

Staff will keep picture identification for the duration of the visit and issue each approved visitor a “Visitor Badge” and escort the visitor to the appropriate waiting area.  Maximum visitors per client is two (2) which includes children (15 years or older).    No children under the age of  15 years are authorized at visitation. All children (15 years or older) must be supervised by an adult at all times — no exceptions.

At the end of visitation, the visitors will be escorted back to the front desk to return “Visitor Badge”, sign-out on the Visitor Log and collect their picture identification.

Visitors are permitted in designated visiting areas only. Visitors are not allowed in client rooms or recreation areas.  Visitors are to use Lobby Restrooms only.

Visitors must dress appropriately.

  1. No miniskirts, split-skirts, tank tops, tube tops, low-cut, see-through, backless, or other clothing which reveals the body.
  2. No shorts or cut-offs.
  3. No clothing with insignia designs or lettering of obscene or distasteful nature.
  4. No clothing that depicts alcohol or drugs in any form.
  5. No flip-flops, slides, sandals, or high heels over two inches.
  6. ABODE reserves the right to determine “appropriate dress”.

Visitors can bring food for the client.

  1. Quantity enough for only one meal, which must be consumed during the visit.
  2. Any food not consumed during the visit must leave with the visitor.

Visitors should not bring:

  1. Purses
  2. Brief cases
  3. Enclosed or non-transparent bags/satchels
  4. Any weapon,  including: pocket knives, pepper gas/mace containers, etc.

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